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Changing Solar Waterproof Flower Lights (Multi Packs)

Changing Solar Waterproof Flower Lights (Multi Packs)

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Product Name: Changing Solar Waterproof Flower Lights (Multi Packs) Package Contains: 1 Item Changing Solar Waterproof Flower Lights Material: Plastic Color: Color as per availability Dimension:25.6 X13 inch Weight: 380 Additional Information: Independent Solar Panel without cable, so there is no chance of short circuit. After upgrading, the fiber optic full section is luminous and light up all the way to the end of the fibers. Powerful solar panels make solar garden lights outdoor more like a glowing jellyfish. They stay on from dusk to dawn. 7 COLOR CHANDING:- Solar Flowers Garden Lights release beauty and charm by showing their gorgeous colors. High color rendering and the colors gradually change in sync, which neighbors love looking over here because it feels like Christmas. Especially if there's a breeze, you can be creative with displaying. 

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